Do We Feel Guilty For Being Saved?

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
guiltyface.jpgOne key aspect of the change agents’ view of the Lord’s Church as a denomination is guilt.
In a discussion of the spread of Islam in Europe, we find the following astute analysis:

“What we are faced with is the suicidal guilt of our fellow citizens who feel that we Westerners have no right to protect our nations from demographic invasion because past Westerners committed wrongs against other nations. The liberals among us, in effect, seek to cleanse their guilt by giving up our civilization as a sacrificial offering, by submitting to their own destruction. I believe they would feel a certain thrill of righteous satisfaction at seeing the West destroyed. Their penance will have been paid. As Lincoln put it, ‘the blood drawn by the sword will have paid for that drawn by the lash.'”/1

Many change agents feel guilt at the idea of being in the Lord’s church while everyone else resides outside of the body of Christ. Sermons or articles comparing the Church to the Ark, for example, sends this guilt into a rage. God decided that the faithful were in the ark and everyone else, no matter how sincere, were lost in the flood.
The Church is the same way. If we are in Christ, as Scripture dictates, then we are among the saved. All others will be lost.
Revelation 20:11-15 provides a glimpse of what will happen in the end. Because of our works, we will enter heaven or hell, for all eternity (Matthew 25:31-33,46). Christ will be coming back to receive those in his body and everyone else will be lost.
Sincerity, loving hearts, benevolent acts, titles, education, and a host of other concepts will have no bearing on our eternal souls. The only criterion will be whether we are in the Church belonging to Christ and whether we have been faithfully obedient in shining his light and proclaiming his Word to a lost and dying world. Being in Christ, we should be so filled with Jesus that we will do all that we can to serve him (Ephesians 2:8-10).
To say that there is only one way to salvation is too narrow-minded and exclusive for some. The doors must be flung open so that all can be saved. They say that Christ was of love and grace, not rejection and hate. We must all come together on what we agree upon and be one.
Platitudes aside, creating artificial criterion for entering the Lord’s Church and the eternal heaven will win points with men, but will have no effect on God. God doesn’t read polls nor engage in popular opinion.
Before time ever began, God decided how we would enter the church and remain within its borders. Before liberalism, progressivism and conservatism, there existed the “settled word of God” (Psalm 119:89).
Since this loving, authoritative act preceded man’s opinions, excuses and obfuscations, it continues unabated without them, as if they didn’t exist. God’s ways are not man’s ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).
God’s way needs no help from man. He is perfect, we are sinful (Romans 3:9,23). God is perfectly capable without us (Job 38-41).
Let us allow his plan to work and stay out of the way!



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