Israel Finally Learned

The ten spies gave a discouraging report of the nations living in the Land of Canaan, persuading Israel that they could not take the land, because the Canaanites were giants.
Yet, Israel fought Og king of Bashan, “So the LORD our God also delivered into our hands Og king of Bashan, with all his people, and we attacked him until he had no survivors remaining” (Deuteronomy 3:3). Although Bashan was not in the Land of Canaan, it was next to it and Og and his people were giants. Og’s bed was nine cubits long or a minimum of thirteen and a half feet long.
Israel wiped out Og and all his people, taking from them sixty cities (Deuteronomy 3:4), “All these cities were fortified with high walls, gates, and bars, besides a great many rural towns” (Deuteronomy 3:5). The Lord’s people destroyed the kingdom of Og completely and took whatever they wanted (Deuteronomy 3:6, 7).
When they believed in the Lord and did whatever He commanded, they could do anything.
Is it still true that if you believe in the Lord and do whatever He says, that you can do anything?

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