How Embarrassing!

by Mike Benson
toilet paper.jpgOkay, I confess. Back in ’97, I used to keep a roll of toilet paper in my old, Ford pickup truck. Whenever I would go hunting or fishing I kept it underneath the driver’s seat in case there was a need.
One day I had driven over to the local post office to gather same mail for the church. And as I stepped out of the pickup I felt something around the cuff of my trousers. My assumption was that the wind was blowing so hard that it had wrapped the cuff around my leg. I walked several steps forward when a gentleman coming out of the post office stopped in front of me, pointed to the ground and announced, “Uh, young man…you’re losing your toilet paper!”
I looked down and to my chagrin (my face is red just thinking back on that occasion) there was this tangle of toilet paper around the bottom of my pant leg!
To make matters worse, as I turned around to see where the roll started, I discovered forty-plus feet of paper trailing behind me across the parking lot and up to the driver’s side door of the truck! Virtually everybody coming out of or going into the post office got a big laugh at my expense. (Stop laughing)!
Yes, that was an embarrassing moment. But you know, I can think of something far more embarrassing than toilet paper around the leg of my trousers. And that would be to stand in the Judgment unprepared to meet my God (Matthew 22:9-14). That would REALLY be embarrassing.
Dear reader, are YOU ready for the Judgment Day (2 Corinthians 5:10)?

One Reply to “How Embarrassing!”

  1. I understand your point and I can imagine lots of different emotions that will be felt on that great day but I imagine embarrassment will be lost in the greatest despair or highest elation of joy of one’s life.

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