The Secret to Fulfillment

by Stan Mitchell
“All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet …” (Matthew 1:22, ESV).
George changed jobs five times in five years. In that period of time, he also attended college – twice! He began and ended three romances, and affiliated himself with a church in town … then a second … then a third.
What was wrong?
George was seeking “fulfillment.” The jobs weren’t enjoyable. The romances didn’t bring contentment. The churches didn’t “meet his needs.”
For all I know, George is still out there fruitlessly seeking fulfillment, like a kid wandering among the treasures of a giant toy store.
Now we all want to be happy, and I understand that. A good marriage brings profound satisfaction, and some people are fortunate enough to find a job that they love doing. And far be it from me to discourage your involvement in a church!
Yet what George didn’t appreciate was that it wasn’t all about him. Life is not about what makes us happy. Life isn’t even fundamentally about what makes other people happy, though that is part of the process.
Life is about what makes God happy, what pleases him.
That’s what distinguishes Jesus’ lifestyle so distinctly from our own. His was a life dedicated to fulfillment of God’s good pleasure.
Oh, and by the way, you’ll never guess what the by-product of making God happy is.
You find fulfillment for yourself too!

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