by Richard Mansel, managing editor
overcoming2.jpgHenry David Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” We hungrily desire something better in life, but we mire in the mediocre. Our dreams stand tall, yet wither in the darkness of timidity. When will we break the cycle of mediocrity?
When shall we overcome?
Satan assails us with hardships. We waste time with the frivolous and captivate our minds with the debased of this generation. Our potential wanes and we wonder where brighter days reside.
When shall we overcome?
Our bank accounts empty and our spirits deflate. Our frustrations lash out at our loved ones and the intimacy dries up in our marriage, and we wring our hands, fearing the worst. Sleepless nights and furrowed brows bring us to the brink of divorce and despair.
When shall we overcome?
Our failing bodies signal an end to youth. Charts and prescriptions replace running and jumping. Medical bills fill our answering machines and our mailboxes. Our bodies refuse to answer the call, as they once did.
When shall we overcome?
The pipers of the world tempt our children away from us. Time rages against us as we fight to keep them safe. Yet, their steps outdistance us as they gain independence. They stumble and we try to help them up, only to see them fall again. Accordingly, our hearts
grow heavy with worry.
When shall we overcome?
We cannot overcome, on our own (Romans 5:6-11). Nothing within humanity provides the answers that we seek. Man’s feeble wisdom crumbles in our hands. Nevertheless, we persist in our failures.
Christ stands above everything as the ultimate answer. He is the only one to be found. He is “the way, the truth and life. No one comes to the Father, except through [Christ]” (John 14:6, NKJV). He stands and eagerly awaits our answer (Revelation 3:20).
We can overcome sin through the Son of God (Acts 2:38), by slipping the bonds of sin and finding freedom in Jesus. We can soar above the pettiness of a dying world with the majesty of eagles (Isaiah 40:31). “A chosen generation, a royal priesthood,” we too often fail to
live like sons of God(1 Peter 2:9). However, we do not have to wallow in the wickedness of the world.
We can overcome! Praise the Lord!
Break the chains. Christ is here to set us free. Turn away from death and choose the abundant life (Matthew 11:28-30; John 10:10). Christ is victorious. Why not join him (Revelation 17:14)?

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