The Secret Jesus

After Jesus cast an unclean spirit out of someone, He left the area, “Then they departed from there and passed through Galilee, and He did not want anyone to know it” (Mark 9:30). He who had come down from heaven to earth to make Himself known to all men, sometimes needed to be secret. On this occasion He passed through Galilee, His home, and did not want anyone to know it.
How did He do that? People always thronged Him. Yet, somehow He passed through unnoticed until they reached their destination. Did He pass people along the way, but kept His head down or something else to conceal His presence? How many people had the Son of God walk right by them and they did not know it!
Who passes us daily and we do not know it? It may not be the Son of God, but people with great knowledge, wisdom, and love pass by us everyday, and we do not know it. Do not look down upon anyone whom you see.

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