Does the Lord Command It?

Moses told Israel on the matters of vows, “If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth” (Numbers 30:2).
However, that was not the opinion or suggestion of Moses. He had prefaced what he said on the matter of vows with these words, “Then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, ‘This is the thing which the LORD has commanded…'” (Numbers 30:1).
Therefore, the words of verse 2 were the commandment of the Lord. Israel had to live by those words and reap the blessings or disobey the words and suffer the consequences.
The same goes for us. Is something a command of the Lord? Do it and be blessed. Do not do it and suffer the consequences? This goes with any of the Lord’s commandments and it certainly goes with vows as it did with Israel. Have you promised to do something? If so, do it, no matter what.

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