Decide and Do

I too decided, after investigating everything carefully from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, that you may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed.
Luke 1:3-4 NRSV

Doctor Luke decided and then went out and did what he’d decided to do. By deciding and doing, he wrote a gospel account of his Lord, which then allowed him the opportunity to write a second volume, the book of Acts.

Together, the two books make up the largest block of writings in the New Testament by a single writer.

Millions of decisions never get carried out. At the time of decision the resolve is firm, the decider has full intention of starting and finishing. But somewhere between point A of decision and point B of execution, a detour occurs.

Perhaps the decision was ill-considered or ill-timed. Perhaps the decision was a bad one that never should have been made.

But for all those, a thousand good decisions get sidetracked. Blame it on a devious devil or a weak will, decisions that die before getting implemented never bless anyone and keep from leading on to more opportunities to bless.

What decisions have you made that need to be dusted off and given hands and feet?

  • A visit that needs to be made to a weak Christian, an interested pagan or a needy widow;
  • A letter — sorry, wrong century — an email to a discouraged wife, mother or sister;
  • An offer to help someone with house work, lawn work, homework, you fill in the blank;
  • Learning how to teach the gospel to someone and inviting a neighbor or friend to study the Bible;
  • Inviting an elder, deacon or preacher for a meal;
  • Pronouncing a loud blessing upon a Bible school teacher — and offering to assist;
  • Taking a flower to the church secretary, office manager or church bulletin editor;
  • Making an extra contribution to a children’s home, Christian youth camp, missions effort or gospel publication, especially needed in these tough times.

Somewhere in there, you most likely said, I’m going to do that. And then let it slip.

Dig out that determination, unearth that decision, dust off that good will, and get going!

Doctor Luke decided and did it. You can, too.

“If a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an oath of binding obligation on himself, he must not break his word, but must do whatever he has promised” (Numbers 30:2 NET).

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