No Excuses

by Paula Harrington
handcuffs.jpgRecently, a friend and sister in Christ who lives nearly ten thousand miles away e-mailed telling me of her conversion and what life is like for a Christian living in her country.
As I read her story, I was brought to tears. Due to the law in her country, neither she nor her husband, a Gospel preacher, can talk openly to friends about Jesus or even invite others to worship without the possibility of being arrested and serving jail time. Reading her words about how their fears don’t keep them from their mission moved me, an American Christian living in the Bible belt, to a level of inadequacy.
We, as Americans, take our privileges and freedoms for granted in so many ways. How many times do we think about the children starving in another country as we throw away our leftover food? Or the family that travels for miles each day for clean drinking water as we carelessly empty another water bottle?
How often do we think of our Christian family in many places around the world that can’t worship publicly or teach openly, and each day are faced with the possibility that their faith could result in their imprisonment or even their death?
Yes, we hear the missionaries and watch their slide presentations, but when they’ve left, how quickly do we once again become comfortably numb?
Friends, we are free to worship and teach so nothing should keep us from doing so. We should be using those liberties to live lives in a manner that will bring glory and honor to God and may we never make excuses for not doing so.
As we live our lives for Jesus, whether in America or abroad let us remember that nothing in this world can separate us from his love (Romans 8:35-39).

One Reply to “No Excuses”

  1. Your article reminded me of how quick we forget. Just a year ago this month I visited my daughter in China where she was doing mission work while teaching English in a university. I saw first hand that they are limited in freedom to teach but that they were not afraid to try to influence others for Christ. We do take things for granted here and I have done this also; we have to work on ourselves first and then put that enthusiasm to work. Thanks for the reminder!

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