Can You Perform a Simple Command?

Jesus went into a synagogue where a man with a withered hand was, and the enemies of Jesus watched Him closely to see what He would do. Then this happened, “And He said to the man who had the withered hand, ‘Step forward'” (Mark 3:3). Later Jesus told the man to stretch out His hand. Step forward; stretch out your hand.
If you had the withered hand and you met Jesus, could you follow His simple commands? That may not be the proper question. Would you follow His simple commands?
Or would you? Suddenly your life would change dramatically. Your responsibilities would increase. The sympathies you had received from people would stop. Life would not be the same. In everyone’s eyes, your life would be better, but in your eyes it may not.
Jesus still utters simple commands. Can you do them? No, will you do them? You know the simple commands that you hesitate to obey. Why do you hesitate?

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