World's Greatest Problem

by J. Randal Matheny
On Friday a Brazilian Catholic cardinal declared, in jest, to reporters, that the family is “the world’s greatest problem.” This Bidenesque comment was his throw-away phrase to deflect speculation that doing away with celibacy among the clergy might raise the number of priests in his religion.
God designed the family to be one of the world’s greatest blessings. The world’s greatest problem does affect the family, as it affects every single individual, married or not. So the world’s greatest problem is not improved by celibacy, by diet, by fasting, by prayer, by penitence.
The world’s greatest problem — sin — is solved by the world’s greatest solution, the sacrifice of Christ.
Around the Lord’s table, our eyes are removed from the problem to focus on the solution. We do not so much mourn our sin as celebrate our solution. We ponder more the atoning death of Jesus Christ than the transgression that separates us from God. We remember reconciliation and what joins us as the family of God rather than the barriers we erected between us and our Creator, between man and man.
For all his blessings, none is greater than God’s salvation in Christ Jesus, none more precious, none more costly.
Let no man call a problem what God has created for man’s blessing.
Let none of us allow our sin to obscure God’s greatest solution.
Let us eat and remember.

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