The Call Came at Midnight

Jesus gave the parable of the ten virgins in which He compared the arrival of the bridegroom to his wedding to the arrival of the king to his kingdom. In the parable the bridegroom delayed as the virgins waited. Five of the virgins had oil for their lamps, they were prepared for the bridegroom at anytime, but five of the virgins had lamps, making it look as though they were prepared, yet, they had no oil.
The delay lasted long enough that all the virgins fell asleep. Then Jesus said, “And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!'” (Matthew 25:6). Who expects a bridegroom to arrive at midnight? Maybe they did in their culture, but we do not in ours!
Nevertheless, the bridegroom showed up at midnight and the virgins needed to be ready. Even so, when do you expect the Lord to return? Do you have some opinions about the condition of the world that will bring on the Second Coming of Christ? Is there a time in your life that you think would be most appropriate for Him to return?
Why should He pick those times you have selected? Those times might be the wrong times for someone else! You know something, my friends, He will return when He is ready and we had better be ready also.

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