National Sin

Individuals sin; groups sin; and sometimes nations sin. When sin gets to that size of a scale, you would think that God would want to wipe out that nation in total disgust. Yet, the ever-patient God lays out the path of forgiveness for a nation. He did it with Israel.
He spoke to Moses, saying, “Now if the whole congregation of Israel sins unintentionally, and the thing is hidden from the eyes of the assembly, and they have done something against any of the commandments of the LORD in anything which should not be done, and are guilty when the sin which they have committed becomes known, then…” (Leviticus 4:13-14), and He went to say what needed to be done.
They were to bring a bull before the assembly of the nation, the elders would place their hands on the head of the bull, the bull would be killed, and some of the blood was brought to the tabernacle of meeting (Leviticus 4:15-16), and several other things would be done.
Does God ever pour out His wrath? Yes, but always after He has sought a restored relationship with a nation. He works diligently to bring forgiveness.
Do I have that mentality toward my nation?

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