Fixing the Living Room

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
livingroom.jpgThe cards I like best are from kids. Sometimes Bible school teachers have their students write the missionary. The poor kids don’t know us from Adam, but they often do a good job of brightening our day.
Just today we fished a card out of the post office box “from a 4th-grade boy named Micah.” Besides the nice Bible verse and spiritual thought, he wrote, “Keep up the good work and sometime you could visit us after my dad fixes the living room.”
Well, Micah, I’d be honored to visit you and your family, living room fixed or not.
We’ve stayed in a lot of homes over the past 24 years during countless trips to the U.S. Some houses had more than living rooms that needed fixing; others were in impeccable order. All of them had one thing in common, however: the warmth of Christian hospitality.
At times churches have put us in motels or hotels, thinking that we’d enjoy the privacy and extra time to rest, and that’s thoughtful of them. But I don’t remember a single motel where we’ve stayed. I do remember a number of saints and their stories of struggles and faith. I recall feeling encouraged and strengthened because fellow disciples made a special effort to share their homes and lives with us.
So, Micah, it doesn’t matter if your dad gets around to fixing the living room or not. Don’t feel like your house has to have everything just so before you invite us over. (Our house needs some paint and other odd jobs done, too.) We’re just glad to have Christian friends who care and take out a bit of time to sit and share together about what the Lord is doing in all of our lives.
By the way, thanks for the card.

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  1. As a missionary I can certainly identify with the article. We have been put up in motels, too, and although it is relaxing we did miss the fellowship. The problem with that is that the host always “killed the fatted calf” and expected us to eat it all. My regret is that I didn’t make a list of all the people we met.

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