Home Invasions

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
homeinvasion.jpg“Home invasion is the crime of entering a private and occupied dwelling, with the intent of committing a crime, often while threatening the resident of the dwelling.”/1
This terrifying crime is escalating in many areas as criminals become more brazen.
A person is at home, a place of safety and refuge. Suddenly, someone forces their way in and threatens or assaults them and steals their belongings.
The innocent person must deal with the horrifying consequences of the attack. They may have physical injuries and material loss, but most of all, emotional scars that last for the remainder of their lives. Truly, they will never be the same.
We do what we have to do to protect ourselves from these attacks. We purchase large dogs, security systems, guns or even move to safer areas. The wealthy often live in fortresses so they can find a measure of peace.
We demand that politicians and police battle the criminal element. However, their sheer numbers overwhelm the police. Law enforcement officials have their funds cut and yet must stop the exploding crime rates. The vicious circle never ends.
The painful subject of home invasion, however, brings an illustration to mind. While we make extensive changes in order to secure our homes and apartments, what are we doing to protect against the invasion of our spiritual and moral homes? Do we even give it any thought?
When we are the victim of a physical home invasion, we want the perpetrators arrested and punished for their crimes. Our carnal side may wish them terrible physical harm.
However, in a spiritual home invasion, we often invite the thieves into our homes. We allow them free access to our children to steal their innocence. They dine at our tables and join in our conversations. We give them control of our entertainment, allow them to go on dates with our children and walk with our young people at school.
Physical home invasions result in property damage, theft, rape, physical assault as well as the inevitable psychological and emotional wounds. Yet, the spiritual home invasions we invite into our homes do all of this and more.
Physical invasions give our children insecurities, nightmares and distrust of the world. Spiritual home invasions bring our kids diseases, sexual and physical, addictions, assaults and an endless list of maladies. Most importantly, they most often bring lost souls. And we are in part complicit in their spiritual demise.
The only security system that will fight against spiritual home invasions is the presence of God. We must stand strong against Satan with the spiritual armor given to us by God (Ephesians 6:10-18).
Will we arm our families today to protect against these invasions of our homes? Souls depend on it!


1/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_invasion

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