Beyond Description

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
We have been given a universe full of galaxies, systems and worlds that invites our imagination and, perhaps, one day, our explorations. Man has created space journeys and star adventures and unearthly creatures, from H.G. Wells to C.S. Lewis to Isaac Asimov to Stephen Spielberg.
Such mental exercises should not find it strange, therefore, the new mode of existence in another, perfect form of reality.
The Bible calls this new mode “heaven.”
Even in inspired language, its reality defies description.
Man’s uninspired attempts show the paltry limitations of his imagination.
When John compared it to our present reality, he releases a series of negatives. No death. No pain. No night. No hunger. No temple. No locked doors. No uncleanness.
For all the worlds to invent, for all the raptures to desire, for all the thrills to be sought, none can compare with the splendor of eternity, the glory of heaven.
For there, God is all and everything. His glory illumines it. He presence warms it. His holiness purifies it. His fullness fills it. His sustenance feeds it. His rule pacifies it. His power protects it. His love enlivens it.
The portal to enter this perfect state of being is to welcome, now, that same God to take up his abode in the heart. To welcome him is to obey Jesus (John 14:23).
Death is not the portal, but the passageway, for there is yet another portal, to another, dark side of that reality, that lies beyond this life.
We choose the portal. The passage is determined for us.
Though heaven defies description, its pictures in Scripture are more than adequate to motivate us to choose the right portal, to move constantly in its direction, to promote here the Kingdom of God so that we and many more may be participants in its eternal manifestation.
For the longer we remain here, the more we are conscious of this world’s limitations, its imperfections, its impermanence.
This is the yearning of the old and the lesson for the young.
I have my doubts that man will ever reach the stars. I entertain none that I will attain entrance, with doors thrown wide open, into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:11).
Are you sure? Absolutely certain?
If not, let’s see what God’s directions are into that portal.
For, in this, imagination doesn’t suffice, opinion doesn’t matter, impressions don’t count, traditions fall flat and feelings have no guarantee of validation.
Only a word from God can show us the way. Let’s discover it.
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