To Tell The Truth Bible Challenge

by Barry Newton
magnification.jpgWhile watching dated reruns filled with wide lapels and orange polyester suit jackets would be painful today, the challenge of the “To Tell The Truth” game show remains intriguing. Do you have the sophistication to separate impostors from the real McCoy? How about when it comes to biblical words and phrases? Take the “To Tell The Truth Bible Challenge,” below and see how well you can identify the genuine definitions.
1) Saved by faith in Jesus means: a) Everyone who really believes that Jesus is the Son of God will be saved. b) I can be saved by relying upon Jesus through inviting him into my heart with a prayer. c) I can be saved by relying upon Jesus in the manner the gospel describes.
2) There is no condemnation for those in Christ means: a) Christians are forgiven of sin. b) No charges of failure to conform to God’s standards can apply to a Christian. c) Christians are free to do anything they might want to do.
3) Christian water baptism describes: a) Sprinkling water on the body. b) The submersion of the body in water. c) Sprinkling, pouring or submerging the body in water.
4) Saved by grace refers to: a) You don’t have to do anything to be saved. b) The unmerited gift of salvation. c) Not only is salvation an unmerited gift, but the Christian is also freed from the necessity of conforming to a prescribed standard.
5) Not saved by works means: a) We can not rely upon our goodness for salvation. b) There is nothing we can do which will result in being saved. c) We can not receive salvation based upon our employment.
Let me suggest that if our definitions could confess whether or not they were misrepresenting the biblical definition, we discover that the biblical definitions would align with: one c, two a, three b, four b and five a. Disagree? Take a closer look at all of the relevant scriptural usages of the biblical word or phrase while asking yourself what the intended meaning from the context is.
What differences do these definitions make? Each definition can send the church down a different trajectory in both doctrinal and practical terms. Look for the real McCoy.

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