The Cycles of Life

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
The ceiling fans, one over the dining room table, the other above the coffee table in the living room, whir almost inaudibly. The aquarium pump hums in the corner, and water gurgles up as the fish dart across their little world. The computer fan just behind me is the loudest noise in the night. Even the dogs lie still and quiet on the rug. The wife sits across the room reading.
Our daughter, last of three children still at home, is at summer camp. No phones ring, no instant messenger pops up to signal her, no friends call at the door.
The rains that attenuated the mid-day heat have paused as the night deepens, but still the insects are silent in the small wet wood just above our house. The outline of the trees are no longer visible through the screened open window, only a darker blot in a dark night.
The new year rushed through the door of January 1st and starting running before I was done with my planning. So I bid this quiet moment stay a while longer, to cherish it and feel the evening coolness waft in through the windows.
I have hardly been alone the last several weeks. A brother has come every day to my office to work on the church’s finances for the tax declaration. Visits from other states have blessed us, but left us tired. A new book at the printer keeps us editors hopping to get out the word. Weddings, birthday lunches, trips and studies brought us opportunities for fellowship, service, ministry and evangelism, but the time comes too for rest. January is the big vacation month for most, but we continue at our posts.
So I breathe deeply the cool and heavy air and let the low hums around me, the silent noise of night, lull my senses.
I thank God for the cycles of life, the light of day and dark of night, the hours for work and the time to sleep and rest, a precious moment to relax and unwind after the rigors of our labor.
Truly God is good, and, for a moment, all seems right with the world.

5 Replies to “The Cycles of Life”

  1. Excellent descriptive piece, Randal. My 13 year old son took a creative writing class through a JHU program this past summer. This is the kind of writing they were trying to teach. Unfortunately, getting him to paint a picture with words was rather difficult since he only reads technical books and journals. Everything sounded like a dry science lesson to start. LOL

  2. I savored this article. “Rush” is the key word of our day. You have reminded us that we would do well to regularly stop and breathe. God’s peace is near for His children who take time to enjoy it. Thanks for this piece, Randal.

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