The Big Disease

by Michael Galloway
“It’s not who you are underneath, It’s what you do that defines you.” In the movie, Batman Begins, Rachel makes a strong statement to Bruce Wayne about his life. She was concerned about the way he was living.
This message needs to be applied to our Christian lives. The world today is sick. It has fallen under the disease of apathy. The only thing many Christians of today’s generation want to do is have fun.
Christians often don’t care about their fellow men. Nothing is inherently wrong with having fun, unless it is taken too far. I have noticed, when there are service projects today, few come. When there are fun things planned, many come.
Are we forgetting the whole objective of Christianity? Are we forgetting that we are servants (Romans 15:1-3)? Are we forgetting that Christ washed his disciples’ feet, to give us the example of being servants (John 13)?
Are we forgetting that we are to love one another (Matthew 22:19)? Are we forgetting our responsibility to widows and orphans (James 1:27)? How many times have we fulfilled our responsibilities?
How many times instead of being servants, when given the opportunity, have we taken a nap instead? How many times have we offered some lame excuse? We have an important video game or we have something else to do. What is more important then doing what God wants us to do?
What we do defines our life as a Christian. How does our light shine? Does it shine? Is it hidden under a bushel? It’s not who we are underneath! If underneath we are Christians, but fail to show it, have we accomplished anything?
In James 2:20, James says, “you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless” (ESV) Does that describe our walk? When we think of great biblical examples, do we see men of faith, being Christians underneath?
What about Daniel? Did Daniel hide that he was one of God’s people? Absolutely not! In fact Daniel did the exact opposite. When his life was in danger for worshiping anyone other then King Darius, Daniel prayed to God just like he always did (Daniel 6:10). It was what Daniel did that defined him.
What about Saul? When Saul was blinded by the light on the way to Damascus, and then converted, did he hide it? Did Saul go back to the chief priest and conduct business as usual? Absolutely not! In fact, the Bible tells us in Acts 9:20, that Saul immediately proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues. In Acts 9:21-22, the people in Damascus were amazed at what Saul did. It was what Saul did that defined him.
What about Paul and Silas? In Acts 16:25, the Bible tells of them praying and singing hymns to God. Were they just Christians underneath? Did they care about those around them? In Acts 16:28, they cared so much for the Philippian jailor that they kept him from harming himself. This caring attitude by Paul and Silas caused the Philippian jailor to be converted. It was what Paul and Silas did that defined them.
Do we care? Are we an apathetic Christian? Are we a servant (Romans 15:1-3)? Are we a Christian that is lukewarm? (Revelation 3:16) Do we just hide what we are underneath? What do we do that defines us as a Christian?
Michael Galloway is a Bible/Communication Major at Freed-Hardeman University.

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