Merry Christmas

The staff of Forthright Magazine ask God’s blessing upon you in all the ways that matter.

We desire above all that you and those close to you may comprehend the love of God and respond to that love in daily faith and unquestioning obedience.

May you who are God’s children travel each day with the confidence of your salvation, the hope of the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ and the joy of the Spirit’s presence.

May you who have yet to seek the Lord’s face do so without delay.
For all, we pray you may latch upon the riches of the living Word, the treasures from the windows of heaven and the inexpressible intimacy of fellowship with the Creator of all living things.

His quiet streams of peace are deep,
We’ve yet to drink our fill, by half;
And we, the Master’s trusting sheep,
Find comfort in his guiding staff.
–Randal Matheny

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