The Dreams of God

by J. Randal Matheny, editor

“Your old men will dream dreams. Your young men will see visions” (Joel 2:28).

Some dream of large, fine houses decorated with new furniture and thick carpets. I dream of a family devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose lives are embellished with the fruit of the Spirit and the character of their Master, of children engaged in the work of the kingdom, whose joy is labor in the vineyard of the Lord.

Some dream of late-model cars and exotic travels to far-away places. I dream of a walk powered by the Spirit of God and a journey of faith and service for an entire lifetime, with a final destiny of eternal bliss beside the Creator who gave me breath.

Some dream of business and customers in every city that bring success and recognition in their field of endeavor. I dream of congregations in every town and neighborhood, Christians on every street and in every home, where the gospel is preached and sinners are taught and homes are blessed with the presence of God.

Some dream of retirement and nest-eggs and investments that will make the latter years comfortable. I dream of giving my last breath for the mission of God and an investment in souls that will render everlasting dividends, fruit of labors that will bear for all time, a rest beside the faithful of all ages before the throne of God, to sing praises and offer service that invigorate the halls of heaven.

Some dream of new forms of entertainment, more sophisticated equipment for sound and image, the next clip or act to make one laugh, the next song to move the limbs to dance, the next pleasure to thrill the senses. I dream of hearing the sound of God`s word from his own lips, of the joy of face-to-face reunion with my Lord, of standing in the pure light of his holiness, of the spectacular demonstration of his glory undimmed by the limitation of fleshly perceptions.

Men dream for the moment, wish for lesser things, pursue what turns to dust. I dream the dreams of God, seek to enter into the desires of heaven, ask admittance into the Master’s will, step outside this confining universe of planets and stars to touch but for a moment the infinite mind of the Maker who has prepared for us a reward beyond our wildest dreams.

Oh, to dream such dreams and know that eternal reality will be so much greater, with splendor and glory, to burst every nerve of pleasure and exceed every human thought, to demonstrate the utter unity of the Godhead and communion of the saints and the single song of creation in welling crescendo — to dream such dreams is God’s to give and mine to cherish until these puny imaginations give way to that day of glad reunion!

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