A Precise Pre-History of the Greeks

Daniel 11 is a truly amazing chapter in the Bible. It is hard to follow, but read it slowly, perhaps even out loud, and you may hear what it says.
In Daniel 11:1-5, a glorious heavenly being revealed to Daniel that Persia would stir up Greece, but that the latter would fight against the Persians and prevail. Then the great king of the Greeks would die and leave his kingdom to his four generals, who would divide the Grecian kingdom.
Then the glorious heavenly being showed the wars that would erupt between these divided elements of the Grecian kingdom, especially between the South and the North, with the North ultimately prevailing (Daniel 11:5-45).
Guess who would be caught between these warring factions where many of the wars would be fought. Yes, Israel would be right in the middle. For that reason the Lord wanted Daniel to write down the future history of the kingdom of Greece.
The fascinating part about all this is the precision with which Daniel wrote down the wars of the Greeks a few hundred years before it all took place.
God knows the affairs of your nation and He knows how those things affect the church there. Have confidence in Him that He shall take care of you.

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