Knowing Christ

by Stan Mitchell
lovingcouple.jpg“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his suffering, becoming like him in his death” (Philippians 3:10).
“After fifteen years of marriage, you still don’t know me, do you?” Claire had said. Tom wasn’t the first husband, of course, to fail to anticipate his wife’s desires. Husbands are as adept at reading a woman’s mind as a heavyweight wrestler is in a gymnastics competition.
But her remarks were unfair, too. After fifteen years he knew she cried over every episode of Little House on the Prairie. He knew she loved petunias in front of the house, and was terrified of spiders. He knew she had undergone a biopsy last year, and had waited in stupefying dread for the result.
And he knew why. “I’m not afraid to die myself,” she had explained, “but the kids need me for a few more years. What will they do without me?” He knew she was ticklish on her feet, and that she loved to listen to old Jim Reeves songs.
He knew her. He had dedicated his life to finding more about her every day. That’s what people do who love each other – they want to know each other. Of course she would cool down and everything would be all right in a few moments. Like a west Texas storm, her temper blew up, then dissipated in a moment. He knew that about her, too.
Paul wanted to know Christ. His love for his Lord may not have been perfect, and he may have exasperated his Lord from time to time, but above all else, he wanted to know Christ.
Who do you want to know?

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