The Gift – A Divine Idea

by Barry Newton
presentwrap.jpgWhen humanity launches out to resolve issues of spirituality, the afterlife, soul hunger or fellowship with the divine, a predictable pattern repeatedly emerges. Hope is pieced together with a glue of human goodness.
Such human contrived paradigms cast unsurprising fruit. They stand powerless before a soul soaked with mores violations and vileness. Progress must erupt from within. They spawn either questions of insecurity or a self-centered smug confidence.
Have enough righteous deeds been performed? Has self-denial been sufficiently deep? Hope is thinly sustained by one’s own thrust to perform, while despair hungrily awaits below for those whose energy wanes disintegrating their spiritual trajectory.
In stark contrast to such mortal solutions, God did the humanly unimaginable. He placed the burden of hope upon himself. He sent his greatest gift. God provided an undeserved panacea more powerful than the worst human decay. The Son of God was born to live a perfectly righteous life that through his death spiritual life and balm would be made available to all.
Even in the twilight of their life, a living hope has been extended to the most depraved. Freedom from self-reliance has been assured. A humble and grateful confidence has been empowered. God’s gift of his son is embossed with the unmistakable genius of the divine.

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