Build Your Hopes on Things That Are Eternal

“Who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself (Philippians 3:21, ESV).
Garrett felt old. He slumped onto the bench; every muscle ached. He was bone weary, and at age thirty-four, old in his profession. Just moments before he had slid into home plate, crashing into the catcher. The youngster’s words still stung:
“Are you all right, sir?” the kid had asked.
He was too old for this. He had been lucky – ten years in professional baseball, but it was time to give it up. There were limits to the pounding a human body can take.
Eldred’s hands hurt all the time, and now they shook too. He smelled like Ben Gay all the time, but even the tart-smelling medication didn’t help him anymore. At the age of eighty it was probably time to stop trying to do carpentry. It was so frustrating, he thought, to know how to make things, but have your hands disregard the directions of the command center in his brain! Hands that once made the most beautiful wood furniture shook uselessly now.
If you believe the infomercials, there are lots of people who believe that their lives would improve if only their abs were firmer. These days we have abs of steel and brains of silly putty.
Our human bodies are temporary as a June bug in October. But there is a promise of transformation and permanence in another life. These old bodies weren’t that great anyway, were they? Invest in the one that will be yours forever!

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