A Reason to Read Proverbs Daily

To read the Bible in a year, read Proverbs 3 and 4.
I tell the congregation where I preach that they ought to read a chapter in the Book of Proverbs everyday as it corresponds to the day of the month. For example, I am writing this on August 30, so, today I should read Proverbs 30. I have even given sermons on why they should read Proverbs daily, using a section from Proverbs to establish my point. Proverbs 22:17-21 was a passage that I used.
Around the start of 2009, I shall use another passage to preach the same kind of sermon yet again. I shall use this passage,
My son, do not forget my law,
But let your heart keep my commands;
For length of days and long life
And peace they will add to you.
(Proverbs 3:1, 2)
Why should you read a chapter from the Book of Proverbs everyday? If you do, you will learn the law of wisdom and if you live by it and keep all its commands, you will live a long and peaceful life! Sounds good to me! Join me in reading Proverbs daily.

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