Suffering Heightens Awareness

by J. Randal Matheny
painlook.jpgFor some, pain and suffering blunt the thinking process and dulls the senses. Some people feel stunned by the pain, their eyes clouded by affliction.
Not Jesus.
On the cross, our Lord was conscious of all that was going on around him. He talked to John and his mother. He listened to the two thieves on either side of him and made a promise to one that only he had power to fulfill. He acknowledged his thirst and asked for drink. He refused anything to drug his pain.
He was also aware of his purpose there and the effect it had on his relationship with the Father. The sharper anguish was separation from his Father. As his heart slowed and his breath grew shallow, he knew the piercing joy of success. “It is finished.”
Jesus embraced his suffering, not because he sadistically enjoyed it, but because of its purpose, to save men and women from themselves.
Our suffering in this life can have redemptive purpose as well, if we put ourselves at the service of the cross.
We may affirm our suffering, allow it to heighten our awareness of God, our service for the kingdom, our single-minded objective of glorifying him through lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ.
In this case we may say, the right pain, the right gain.

One Reply to “Suffering Heightens Awareness”

  1. This was so true. We can either recognize that we are strengthened through our trials or we can let them dull us and give in to them. When we allow them to overtake us, we are weakened and offer Satan the opportunity to win the battle.
    Our eldest son is a Marine, and they have a saying,”Pain is weakness leaving the body.” I think that fits here, as well, *IF* we allow Christ’s strength to enter in and let him do His work.
    Thank you for your encouraging words.

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