Maximum Worship

To read the Bible in a year, read Psalms 120-123.
Psalms 120-134 all have a preface that says, “A Song of Ascents,” or the Old King James Versions says, “A Song of Degrees,” and in some cases the preface also indicated the writer.
We believe this means the Jews sung these psalms as they ascended to Jerusalem for various feasts or they sung these psalms as they ascended the steps to the temple. Either way it was about worship.
If you want a maximum worship experience, you must begin before the worship service. The Jews recognize that, and so they wrote these psalms that made it into Scripture (there were undoubtedly many more).
Worship takes place inwardly first and then expresses itself outwardly. Therefore, notice what occupies your mind on the way to worship. Pay attention to your heart at home before you leave for worship. Even consider the night before.
If you want maximum worship, get your mind, heart, and soul thinking that way before you even arrive to worship with the church.
The preacher prepares before time.
The song leader prepares before time.
Why can’t you?

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