Is Church About Me?

by Stan Mitchell
megachurch.jpg“For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 2:21).
In a now famous event, a new church in southern California took a survey of its community and asked the immortal question: “What would you like in a church?” The result today is a mega-church of thousands, where everything is done — from the style of worship to the architecture of their building — to please the fondest desires of the community.
So what do you want in a church?
Youth programs? Friendliness? An opportunity to serve? The likeability of the preacher? Doctrines that are compatible with your personal world view? A church that doesn’t ask you to change a thing?
Not all of these considerations are entirely bad, but frankly, it troubles me to think that the most important decision you will ever make — your eternal destiny — is made on the same basis as an afternoon at the shopping mall. The creativity of the window display and friendliness of the saleslady may be fine as criteria for buying an earring, but surely our spiritual decisions should be based on something more profound!
Is doing church about what I like? Are my preferences and tastes relevant? Is it about me at all?
Lost in the translation of selfish desires is this question: What does Jesus Christ want in a church?
Once we’ve determined that, the decision is made!

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