How Long, Lord?

To read the Bible in a year, read Psalms 79-81.
We are the people of God and we know that we should be doing better, yet, the world does not respect us as it should. Israel experienced similar things.
Asaph cried out over the reproach into which Israel had fallen because a powerful nation had attacked Jerusalem, and it was so bad that he said there was no one to bury the bodies (Psalm 79:0-4).
Then he questioned God,
How long, LORD?
Will You be angry forever?
Will Your jealousy burn like fire?
(Psalm 79:5)
Jerusalem was the city of God. How long would she be in such a horrible and dishonored condition? The heart of Aspah broke over the miserable aftermath of war Jerusalem experienced.
How long, Lord, shall the world reproach the church? Why have we lost the influence we once had? In many of the nations of the western world, Christianity was the dominate force of thought, but now we are ridiculed. How long, O Lord, shall this last? In the name of Jesus Christ, what can we do, Lord, to remedy the diseased church?

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