When No One Will Listen or Help

by Richard Mansel, assistant editor
alexisgoggins.jpgA judge recently sentenced Calvin Tillie to sixty years in prison. His shocking crimes provide a sobering lesson about the loneliness of sin. /1
Salietha Parker calls a friend, Aisha Ford, and says that the heat is out at her house. She asks Aisha if she and her seven-year-old daughter, Alexis, could spend the night at her house. Aisha consents to pick them up and let them stay with her.
Aisha arrives and before Salietha and her daughter can get into the car, Salietha’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Tillie, appears, points a gun at them and orders them into the car. He demands passage to a place outside of town.
Aisha said she did not have enough gas, so they stop at a gas station. Calvin allows Aisha to go in and pay for the gas. She calls 911 and tells the police what is going on. The police tell her that no patrol cars are available to help.
Aisha goes to pump the gas, stalling so the police will arrive in time. She goes back in and the attendant realizes something is wrong. He calls 911 and hears shots in the car.
Calvin shoots Salietha twice causing Alexis to jump in front of her Mother and demand that he stop shooting. Instead, Calvin shoots seven-year-old Alexis five or six times at point blank range.
The police arrive too late to prevent these heinous crimes. Somehow Salietha and Alexis survive. /2
Humanity suffers because of the evil that resides in the hearts of people who have rejected God and seek a way to success or happiness gained through illegal activities. Those who are in the way of their goals get hurt. When it is a child that is hurt, it is especially shocking.
Aisha’s plea for help was unheeded, despite the concern of the police force to maintain public safety. All of the other criminals who terrorize our society overwhelm them and they are unable to be everywhere at once.
Using this story as an illustration, we leave the people in the story and turn the focus on ourselves. When we are lost, without Christ, we put ourselves in situations of spiritual danger that bring death (Romans 3:23; Isaiah 59:1-2; Luke 13:3-5). Moreover, when we call for help in our sinful world, there is no answer. There is no one to help. No pill or sage or human book exists to take away the sins we suffer from. Therefore, Satan is free to do with us what he pleases.
The extraordinary bravery and love of Alexis reminds us that Christ stands in our place and takes the hit for sin (Romans 5:6-11). Jesus died for each of us. He died instead of us. He went to the cross so we did not have to. We have freedom from sin because of him (John 6:67-68; John 14:6) and we must turn our lives over to him, completely (James 4:10).
We must have our sins washed away so we can be born again (John 3:3-5; Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16). Only then will we have the protection of the Almighty God and the safe haven of grace and mercy. We will therefore never be in a hopeless situation where no one exists to help. We will have Christ forever on our side (Hebrews 13:5; Revelation 2:10). No greater blessings exist than to walk in Christ destined for an eternal home where no more crime and pain exists (Revelation 21:1-8).

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