Praise God for Forgiveness

To read the Bible in a year, read Psalms 65-67.
We thank God constantly for material things, such as our food and the country in which we live, but a greater gift than those things is forgiveness. Have you praised God for His forgiveness? The theme of forgiveness demands a song (Psalm 65:0). David told God that praise awaited Him in Zion (Psalm 65:1), which became the symbol for the church. Therefore, to Him all flesh would present themselves (Psalm 65:2). The reason for that is that we have something that fights against us, our own sins, yet, David knew that God had that problem solved,
Iniquities prevail against me;
As for our transgressions,
You will provide atonement for them.
(Psalm 65:3)
Do you know your sin? God knows your sin more than you do. Nevertheless, He provides atonement, now through Jesus Christ. Why drown in your sin? Run to Him and you shall find the relief from guilt that you desire.

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