Awake, O God!

To read the Bible in a year, read Psalms 59-61.
David knew that Saul had sent men to kill him (Psalm 59:0), but he turned his attention to God, crying out for deliverance (Psalm 59:1, 2). However, David knew that he had not done anything to bring on the persecution of Saul, and David could pray to God about that, believing that God knows all things,
For look, they lie in wait for my life;
The mighty gather against me,
Not for my transgression nor for my sin, O LORD.
They run and prepare themselves through no fault of mine.
Awake to help me, and behold!
(Psalm 59:3, 4)
Therefore, David pleaded for God to awaken and punish the wicked (Psalm 59:5).
Simply because we believe we have not done anything wrong, does not mean it is so. We may have indeed done some wickedness, unknown to us, to bring on someone’s persecution. Therefore, examine yourself thoroughly, because God, when we pray to Him to help us against an adversary.

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