Wine Poured Out

by Stan Mitchell
elderlycouple.jpg“For even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you” (Philippians 2:17).
Ben sank into the chair, completely spent. His wife Violet lay in repose, finally gone. She had suffered fifteen years with cerebral palsy and in those years, Ben had laid down his tools and given himself over to caring for her every need. It was the act of a devoted husband who saw, not a deteriorating physical body, but his beloved bride.
Friends and family marveled at his devotion but for Ben it was only natural. Of course, it had taken a toll on him, too. He was no longer a young man and it had been an effort to lift her and carry her in the last couple of years, even if she weighed barely ninety pounds.
He would feel sorrow tomorrow. Today, he was simply exhausted. He had poured himself into the task of caring for his wife and at this moment there was nothing left.
Why had he done it? His son and daughter had asked this question a year before. He explained, “God gave your mother to me to care for. What if she had married a man who cared about her less? Besides, that’s the way God pours himself out to care for us.”
He had emptied himself, yet the aroma of the wine remained on the altar where it had fallen, the fine wine of selflessness and sacrifice.

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