Every Knee

by Stan Mitchell
kneebow.jpg“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth” (Philippians 2:10).
When Bob saw him he fell, suddenly, instinctively, to his knees. He heard a voice repeating something, fervently, over and over again. “Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!” Then he realized it was his own voice. There before him was the most awesome character he had ever seen, his face brighter than the sun, and ranged around him were angels, equally impressive, numbering thousands upon ten thousands.
Then he heard other voices saying the same thing. To his left were a dozen or so SS troops from Hitler’s army, confessing Jesus as Lord. A few feet in front of him was Babe Ruth, the baseball slugger, likewise confessing. Nearby was rock star Mick Jagger with Napoleon Bonaparte at his side, both confessing Jesus as Lord. Farther down he spotted Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe and Genghis Kahn. Men and women, great and small were everywhere, fervently confessing the true and undeniable status of the carpenter’s son from Galilee.
For most it was a confession utterly true, profoundly right to say … and spoken too late, for this was the last day, the day of judgment.
And Bob gratefully remembered that he had already made this great confession – in life – when it made all the difference.
Have you made that good confession?

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