Religion and Government Conspiring to Silence the Church

To read the Bible in a year, read Acts 23:12–35.

More than forty Jews conspired to kill Paul (Acts 23:12-13), but to carry out their plan, they needed government assistance. These men went to their leaders and wanted the leaders to go the government leaders for a conspiracy to kill Paul. Luke wrote, “They came to the chief priests and elders, and said, ‘We have bound ourselves under a great oath that we will eat nothing until we have killed Paul. Now you, therefore, together with the council, suggest to the commander that he be brought down to you tomorrow, as though you were going to make further inquiries concerning him; but we are ready to kill him before he comes near’” (Acts 23:14-15).

Do not be surprised, therefore, when you hear of churches opposing the true doctrine of God and worse yet, that those churches work in harmony with governments to silence the church.

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