The Desire to Be Heard

To read the Bible in a year, read Job 33 and 34.
As Job and his friends debated, a young man listened to them. When the four of them were done, he wanted to speak and said,
“But please, Job, hear my speech,
And listen to all my words.
Now, I open my mouth;
My tongue speaks in my mouth.
My words come from my upright heart;
My lips utter pure knowledge.”
(Job 33.1–3)
This young man, Elihu by name, had wisdom, but he withheld himself from speaking, believing that the older and presumably wiser men, would resolve Job’s problem. When they did not, Elihu desired to be heard. Did the older men listen to him? They did not interrupt him, but we do not know whether they gave consideration to what he said or whether they just passed it off as the rantings of a young fool.
Do you listen to people younger than you?

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