Service Reflex

by Stan Mitchell


“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

Fred had not realized how deeply he had been affected by his boot camp experience until his first three day pass. His little sister Amanda was celebrating her tenth birthday with a party, and he was talking with several friends and neighbors in the back yard, savoring the aroma of barbeque wafting from the grill when it happened.

Some little kid playing with a balloon a little too roughly popped it. She shrieked with surprise, then laughed self consciously, but then all eyes shifted to Fred.

He was flat on the ground, behind a table, his arms extended and holding the semi automatic rifle that he would have had if he had been at the camp.

Only then did he realize that his mind set – his very reflexes – were that of a soldier, no longer a civilian, nerves tight as a mouse trap, reflexes as quick as a cat. It was then he knew he had become a soldier.

Christians are like that. Though many might attend church and make the appropriate sounds, there comes a point when their attitude, their very reflexes, become like those of Christ. Where their instincts are selfless, sudden, and sacrificial, and where they find themselves in a serving posture before they even realize that’s what they’re doing.

Of course they become like this not in boot camp but in Bible class!

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