We Get Over Things

by J. Randal Matheny, editor

“Woe is me because of my hurt!
My wound is grievous.
But I said, ‘Truly this is an affliction,
and I must bear it.'”
Jeremiah 10:19 ESV

The New Zealander Frank Boreham wrote, “We get over things. It is the most amazing faculty that we possess. War or pestilence; drought or famine; fire or flood; it does not matter. However devastating the catastrophe, however frightful the slaughter, however total the eclipse, we surmount our sorrows and find ourselves still smiling when the storm is overpast.”

He’s right. In fact, we do get over things. At least, the majority of us. Most of the time.

But there are those who die of a broken heart. Those who decide on suicide, because they cannot imagine their getting over things. There are those who scratch their wounds, feed their fears, replay their offenses in an endless loop.

The Christian knows where to deposit his sadness and pain. At the foot of the Cross. The Lord, who has experienced the worst suffering of all, transforms our trials and tribulations in redemptive material for the Kingdom.

So not only do we get over things, but more than that, we gather them up with his crucifixion sufferings and carry them as divine gifts for the service of compassion and the sharing of the gospel of the living God.

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  1. I read “On getting Over Things” today in my much-loved “Mushrooms on the Moor” and was searching for the text of it online to share with a friend when I found your post. Wow, Randal, we are all connected by six degrees of separation. I can’t remember if I knew you knew Boreham, or if you knew I love Boreham. Anyway – so nice to connect over Boreham!

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