The High Priest, His Tabernacle & You

by Barry Newton
jewel.jpgWhat husband would present an expensive piece of fine jewelry in a brown paper bag to his wife? It is just not going to happen. That would not be appropriate.
In a similar way, in what sort of a tabernacle would you expect to find a perfect high priest who lives forever, who has mediated providing God’s ultimate promises offered to humanity, and who can save completely those who come to him? Such a high priest is not found in merely a replica of the true tabernacle, but enthroned in the heavenly tabernacle itself./1 This would be appropriate.
Someone who has not yet grasped what all of this means for their lives might honestly, but naively, ask, “So what?” Perhaps a gentle response would begin by directing their gaze toward the promises God has offered to us because of this high priest’s ministry. Because Jesus died for us, God promises to forget all of the sins and to claim as his people those whom Jesus serves as high priest. Awesome has been grossly overused. This, however, is truly awesome.
1/This article reflects upon Hebrews 8

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