The Line of the Priests

To read the Bible in a year, read First Chronicles 6 and 7.
Priests minister to God for the people and to the people for God. Therefore, God provided Israel with a line of priests, even high priests, that He might have a relationship with Israel. First Chronicles 6 shows the descendants of Levi from whom came both the priests and the high priests. No one from any other tribe of Israel or nation of the world could be a priest to God during the days that the Law of Moses was the Law of God.
Something similar goes on today, yet, in a different way. Only those of Jesus Christ can be priests to God. However, anyone from any of the other tribes of Israel or from any nation on earth can be of Jesus Christ, hence be a priest to God. No one can be a high priest, for we only have one, and He abides forever, never needing replacement.
The question is are you of Jesus Christ?

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