The Scene at Calvary

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
On bloodied ground Jesus died,
A heavy cross with heinous sin;
Redemption flowed from his pierced side,
And peace above the thunderous din.
Those were the words I jotted down yesterday during and after the Lord’s supper.
To hold in one’s mind the picture of the crucifixion of Christ is to be amazed again at the price of salvation.
How such wonderful consequences could result from the world’s most unjust trial and the worst possible scene of gore and brutality reels the mind.
In the swirls of dust kicked up by Roman feet blew the winds of freedom.
Through the catcalls and jeers of hardened soldiers whispered the sweet tones of salvation.
Mingled with the smell of sweat and leather and the acrid whiff of death, the pure incense of an innocent sacrifice wafted up to heaven.
On that day, hardened men and weeping women saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing but the evil that darkened the skies above them.
Today, we feel on our faces the Spirit’s breezes, we warm to the chimes of redemption, we breathe in the scent of that altar where the Son of Man was offered.
And praise fills our hearts.
Thanksgiving thrills our souls.
Awe moves our tongues to confess the Name.
And faith still rumbles, almost disbelieving, deep in the soul:
It is true. He died for me.

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