A New Addition to the Team

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
richardmansel.JPGEffective immediately, Richard Mansel assumes the duties of Assistant Editor of Forthright Magazine.
Richard is well known as the writer for the Square One column, so we are excited to have his expanded participation in the magazine.
Richard will replace Barbara Oliver in this function. It will be his responsibility to send the daily articles to the email list, as well as doing revisions for the online and email versions.
Twice Richard has stepped in for us when neither Barbara nor I were in position to keep things going, most recently, the last two weeks. So we’ll have little training to do to get him up to speed, mostly, getting him added in the site software where he can do his job fully.
You can read Richard’s bio on the page “About Us.”
In the process, Barbara is being bumped upstairs as Associate Editor. She also continues as my business associate in Forthright Press, which is also the publisher of BrotherhoodNews.com.
With her move last year to Gospel Opportunities Evangelism, her fund-raising challenges, and some recent health issues, this move will free her from the daily commitment of the emails. (She will have surgery June 2, so please keep her in your prayers.)
Richard will bring new enthusiasm to the administrative side of Forthright Magazine, and for that and for his willingness to serve in this important role, we are grateful.

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