A Review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (1)

by Richard Mansel
expelled.jpg When we selectively grant freedom of thought in a discipline predicated on intellectual inquiry, we find ourselves in a strange quandary. Science, built on investigation and hypotheses, goes where the evidence leads until empirical data can lead to a conclusion. However, when this breaks down and we predetermine outcomes, we are no longer in science but in the morass of indoctrination.
“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a documentary directed by Nathan Frankowski, written by Kevin Millar, Walt Rulof and Ben Stein. /1 Stein, noted actor, author and conservative columnist, also serves as the host. Undoubtedly, his notoriety helped the film secure a nationwide release. Stein is a familiar face to those who grew up in the previous two decades. His dry delivery and intelligence are perfect for the film.
The filmmakers present this excellent documentary as an answer to a salient question. Why are professional people losing their positions at scientific institutions because they express an interest in intelligent design? Why is the theory of evolution the only alternative? Why do these institutions refuse to allow discerning students the freedom of choice?
The comparisons to abortion are pervasive throughout the film. The proponents of abortion call themselves pro-choice. However, they do not allow any other choice in the public arena but abortion. Science, founded on intellectual inquiry, silences dissent when anyone’s ideas fail to meet the evolutionists’ predetermined conclusions. Sophistry is never attractive. /2
One of the key moments in the film is when they show that technology is a detriment to evolution. Darwin’s severely limited knowledge is apparent as technology advances. The rapidly increasing advancements in cell biology are pointing clearly to a creator. However, evolutionists refuse to relinquish their antiquated beliefs.
Stein interviews highly accomplished scientists who endured discipline or termination because of their belief in intelligent design. For those who do not know, “The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.” /3
Intelligent design is separate from creationism because it does not seek to resolve the identity of the higher power. Accordingly, the persistent cry of evolutionists that intelligent design is simply creationism in disguise is erroneous. Many creationists welcome intelligent design because of its repudiation of evolution but they acknowledge its ultimate goals are separate from theirs. /4
Stein interviews avid supporters of evolution and they offer up theories, possibilities and maybes for how life began. Richard Dawkins, avowed atheist and author of the bestselling book, “The God Delusion,” admits that he has no idea how life began and even allows the possibility of aliens bringing life to earth. Dawkins even conjectures that these aliens are the result of intelligent design.
Another evolutionist mentions the possibility of crystals bringing life to earth. Their fanciful ideas are valid in their minds while the solid scientific evidence of intelligent design is not. The hypocrisy is laughable.
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