The Sad End of the House of Saul

To read the Bible in a year, read Second Samuel 4-6.
The man who became the first king of Israel should have gone down in history gloriously. However, it did not happen that way. The Philistines killed Saul and some of his sons. Second Samuel 4 shows more of the disasters awaiting his family. One son, Ishbosheth, who was not killed in the war, became frightened when he heard that Abner had been killed (2Samuel 4:1). Ishbosheth had two commanders, who killed him and then brought his head to David, expecting to be rewarded for killing his enemy (vv. 2, 3, 5-8). However, they did not know the heart of David, who rebuked them for their sin of killing a man while he slept and David ordered the execution of the two captains (vv. 9-12). Even Saul’s grandson, Mephibosheth, suffered, for while the woman who cared for him when he was five years old fled at the news of the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, and as she carried Mephibosheth, he fell and became lame in his feet (v. 4).
Saul sought to exalt himself, but he was humbled. He wanted his family to rule in Israel, starting with Jonathan, but Saul did not follow the commandments of the Lord. However, he alone did not suffer for his disobedience and arrogance, but his family suffered the consequences of his actions. Not that they were punished for what he did, but his life affected the lives of other people.
How is your life affecting your family and others around you?

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