Leonard Ravenhill, in “The Last Days,” tells of a group of tourists who were visiting a picturesque village in Europe. They walked by an old man, sitting beside a fence. One tourist, rather condescendingly, asked:
“Were any great men born in this village?”
The old man replied, “No, only babies.”
It takes time to develop character. A child takes twenty years (at the very least!) to become a responsible adult. It takes twelve years to give a young person the most fundamental of educational qualifications – a High School Diploma. Using those criteria, let’s do some figuring: If a child spends 5 hours a day in class, he will receive 25 hours of education in a week, 100 a month, and 900 hours a year. In twelve years, he will have 10800 hours of education. He is now considered to have the minimum of education required to function in society.
If a Christian spends 5 hours a week in Bible study and edification (that is, he attends Sunday morning worship and class, along with Wednesday evening and he puts in one hour of private Bible study), then: he will get 20 hours a month, and 240 in a year. In twelve years, he will get 2880 hours of spiritual education, or the equivalent of 3.2 years of secular education. In other words, after twelve years of Bible study, we will be the spiritual equivalent of a third-grader in secular school!
In order for Christians to attain a spiritual “High School Diploma,” it will take us forty-five years of study at our present level. With that in mind, I have a few questions:
1) What is more important, your spiritual education, or your secular education?
2) Are you satisfied with your knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, and His word?
3) Are you even making the figure of five hours a week? If not, it might take you even longer to reach a “High School Diploma!”
4) Do you see why it is so hard for us to face life’s tough times, and Satan’s schemes (Ephesians 6:11)? We are facing an opponent with a PhD in destroying human lives, and we are only third graders!
5) Is it possible that we have become a little over confident regarding our own Biblical knowledge?
6) Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to study God’s word, and to be edified? Can you afford to miss any worship service or Bible study?

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