I Come to Communion

by Robert L. Jenks
I come to communion not because I am worthy, not for any righteousness of my own, for I have grievously sinned and fallen short of what by God’s help I might have been.
I come not because there is any magic in partaking of the symbols of Christ’s body and blood.
I come not from a sense of duty that is unacquainted with deep appreciation for his blessed means of grace, the highest privilege in Christian worship.
I come because Christ bids me come. It is his table, and he extends the invitation.
I come because it is a memorial to Him: as oft as it is done in remembrance of him. Here is a vivid portrayal of the redeeming sacrifice of the Christ of Calvary. His matchless life, his vicarious sufferings and his faithfulness even unto death are brought to mind, and I bow humbly before him in worship.
I come because in contemplation of the Father and his Son, our Savior, I am moved to thanksgiving for so great salvation.
I come because in this encounter with the Savior I am made to feel the wrongness of my sins — the base desire, unchristian motives, hurtful attitudes, vain ambition, and the things I have done which I ought not to have done, and the things I have failed to do which God expected me to do. I acknowledge my utter unworthiness and walk again the painful but necessary path of repentance.
I come because forgiveness is an inseparable part of true repentance. I arise with the assurance of pardon, rejoicing in the opportunity of a new beginning.
I come because I arise from the Lord’s table with new strength, new courage, new poise and new power to face the demands which life will lay upon me.
Published in the bulletin of the Baker Heights church, Abilene Tex.

I come to communion, to the Lord’s supper, because Christ bids me come.

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