Left Out Again

To read the Bible in a year, read Judges 12-14.
The tribe of Ephraim was left out when Gideon fought the Midianites, and the tribe was out again when Jephthah fought the Ammonites. While we can understand Ephraim’s offended heart, the tribe overreacted, “Then the men of Ephraim gathered together, crossed over toward Zaphon, and said to Jephthah, ‘Why did you cross over to fight against the people of Ammon, and did not call us to go with you? We will burn your house down on you with fire!'” (Judges 12:1). Jephthah then claimed that he had called them, but they would not come (v. 2). Then Ephraim and Jephthah’s army fought each other and forty-two thousand Ephraimites died (v. 6).
It is great to want to be involved in a good work, such as fighting God’s enemies. However, fighting against your brethren because you were left out does not solve anything. Sit down and talk, stating your desires.

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