First Impressions

by Barry Newton
So much at stake in so little time! His pen scribbled across parchment articulating God’s message to his half-hearted recipients. Those first utterances would either captivate their imaginations, fully engaging their minds, or boredom would quickly settle in, muting God’s voice.
What emerges in Hebrews 1:1-4 is a single sentence counter-point symphony of the past and the present, of former prophets and the Son, of Creator yet Sustainer, of the exalted Son versus God’s servants. Like a long trumpet blast awakening the lethargic from slumber, the author confronted them and us with a concise description of who the Son really is.
This sermonic letter does not merely stir up mental images, nor can it be lightly dismissed or listened to dispassionately. For certainly, someone who exactly represents God’s being, who is creator as well as heir of all things, our soul purifier and through whom God has spoken to us, such an individual must be extremely relevant for our lives. Clearly, the stakes are high. Expectations have been raised.
OK, author. The first impression you created has captured our attention. While he does answer our questions such as: What do I need to know about the Son? How has he, can he or should he influence my life? Perhaps the biggest question he would like to ask us is, “Are we listening to the Son’s voice with an open heart?”

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