When the Romans Arrived

To read the Bible in a year, read Mark 13:14-37.
Jesus let His disciples in on what was to come in 40 years, saying, “‘So when you see the “abomination of desolation,” spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not’ (let the reader understand), ‘then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains'” (Mark 13:14). The same held true for the ones on the housetops and in the fields (vv. 15, 16). Once the Romans appeared on the hills surrounding Jerusalem, they would be on the city quickly to destroy it without mercy and there would be no time to gather belongings together, even as one should not enter a house to rescue belongings once a fire has begun to engulf a house. The days of the Roman attack on Jerusalem would be so severe that travel away from Jerusalem had to be quick without any hindrances (vv. 17, 18), because the outpouring of God’s wrath on Jerusalem through the Romans would surpass that of any previous city (v. 19), and only through the Lord’s mercy would He make it possible for the elect to escape (v. 20), and so, Jerusalem has survived to this day.
Let me tell you something, my friends, when Jesus pours out His wrath on the earth on the last great day, it shall be worse than what He did against Jerusalem, because the earth will not be spared at all, but He will destroy it completely. Are you ready?

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